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Professional Investing, smart technology, lower fees. A human financial adviser when you need them.

Four Oaks Financial LLC is offering an innovative new way to invest with our firm. Using our expertise you know and trust, we’ve built a diverse suite of portfolios using Institutional Intelligent Portfolios™, an Automated investment management service for independent advisors sponsored by Schwab Wealth Investment Advisory, Inc. that helps us automatically rebalance your investments when needed. As your advisory firm, we’ll work with you to identify the right portfolio for your needs, and continue to meet to ensure it’s helping you achieve your long term strategy. Your portfolio will be held in a brokerage account at Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. You can easily access accounts through their websites and mobile apps.

It’s a Simpler, Smarter Way to Invest

  • We build, monitor and automatically rebalance a portfolio of low-cost exchange-traded funds
  • You can get started with as little as $5,000
  • You can get help from a Four Oaks Financial investment professional any time

To get Started, you visit the Institutional Intelligent Portfolios™ website and enter our firm’s unique program key to access our portfolios.

The program key is: PV1J


Please contact us if you have any questions or want to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Portfolios Built on three key components

1. You complete a short questionnaire based on your goals, risk tolerance and timeline.

2. We build you a diversified portfolio of low-cost ETFs.

3. We monitor your portfolio daily, and automatically rebalance it when needed.

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